Agricultural development programs

Earth Open Source is presently engaged in the development of several agricultural programs in Nepal to improve the socio-economic well-being of impoverished rural farmers, protect Nepal’s environment and biodiversity, and protect Nepal’s millenniums-old culture and indigenous farming traditions. Detailed information about all of these programs is available upon request.

Baseline study

The Baseline Survey and Strategic Plan for Organic Farming and Agroecology in Nepal is a joint project of Nepal Organic Foundation – founded and lead by senior ranking Nepali government officials of national and international reputation – and Earth Open Source. The Baseline Study aims to create a long-term (20 year) strategic plan to transition Nepal to a sustainable, indigenous-renewable-resource-based agricultural system that will assure long term food security for the nation. The project will be carried out in two steps. The first is to bring together all relevant stakeholder groups in Nepal to gather comprehensive information regarding agriculture with particular emphasis on activities related to organic agriculture and agroecology.

The second aim is to use this database as the starting point for a multi-stakeholder consultation to formulate actions points to carry out this mission. This initiative is aligned with the Nepali government’s most recent 3 year agricultural plan, which states Nepal’s commitment to developing and expanding organic agriculture within the country. The Nepal Organic Foundation and Earth Open Source have entered into an alliance to carry out the resultant strategic plan.

Medicinal herbs

Nepal is endowed with a rich biodiversity of more than 1700 medicinal plants that traditionally have been used as part of Nepal’s millenniums old ayurvedic system of healthcare. However, a rapid rise in international demand for ayurvedic medicinal herbs coupled with wild-harvesting methods traditionally used by rural populations to collect these herbs is causing a rapid erosion of Nepal’s medicinal herb biodiversity. Consequently much of Nepal’s medicinal plant life faces extinction, or will face extinction within a few years if herb collection methods are not replaced with sustainable production and harvesting methods.

The Nepali Medicinal Herbs Program is designed to a help protect Nepal’s rapidly eroding biodiversity by training rural Nepalese farmers how to grow high-quality medicinal herbs sustainably; and to establish a profit-sharing cooperative structure for Nepal’s disenfranchised and impoverished rural farming villages to improve their incomes and overall socio-economic well-being. Earth Open Source projects this program can achieve profitability within 3 years by capitalizing on a strong domestic and growing international demand for organic medicinal herbs that are indigenous to Nepal.

Global Family Organics

Global Family Organics is an organic food marketing company founded by Earth Open Source. A core commitment of Global Family Organics is that all of the profits it generates will be used to improve the well-being of farmers in the communities and regions that produce the products that Global Family Organics delivers to the marketplace. The primary aim of Global Family Organics is to empower farmers in developing nations to overcome poverty, economic exploitation, and other related issues.

For its initial marketing activities, Global Family Organics has entered into strategic alliances with farmers from Brazil, Turkey, and Nepal who are producing premium quality organic food products but do not have access to international markets. GFO will act as a marketing channel to the US and other major western markets to increase profits for rural farmers. Once the project achieves profitability it will expand to connect with more rural farmers in Africa, South America, and Asia.